Survey Pilot

The purpose of the pilot was to refine our survey. Our original goal was to pilot the survey with 5-6 teachers from different countries. However, it was difficult to schedule pilot sessions mainly due to teachers’ lack of availability. We were able to pilot the survey with two teachers, one from the USA and one from Spain. The teachers completed the survey in English then were interviewed.

Specifically we wanted to know:

  • Did participants understand the survey questions?
  • Was there information gained from the interview that we wish the survey addressed?
  • Thoughts and feedback on the survey from the participants.

The results from the interview found that the participants did understand the survey questions. Two modifications were made to the survey to reflect information that was gained during the interview but not addressed in the survey. Both teachers discussed the motivation of teaching engineering and technology to be able to teach students how to solve problems. Therefore, a question was specifically added to address this motivation. One teacher spoke about the fear that by incorporating engineering and technology into the curriculum might displace content that the teachers felt was more important. This potential barrier to teaching engineering and technology was added to the survey.

Other modifications to the survey were made due to feedback. One participant felt the survey would benefit from a neutral choice. This was also recommended by Hong (2011) and the likert scale was modified.


Hong, Tao, Şenay Purzer, and Monica E. Cardella. “A Psychometric Re-Evaluation of the Design, Engineering and Technology (DET) Survey.”Journal of Engineering Education 100.4 (2011): 800-18. Web.