Literature Review Highlight

Bagiati et al. (2015) examined the terminology used in different languages to identify PreK-12 engineering content. We thought their paper provides helpful information for those conducting engineering education in other countries. They found that using words such as engineering or engineering education only worked in English language websites. Terms that used ‘science’ or ‘technology’ worked much better.

The below is a table showing their results:


The authors cited the types of organizations that developed and distributed the online content shown in their below table. The governments seems the most prolific in developing and distributing resources.



Bagiati, A., Yoon, S. Y., Evangelou, D., Magana, A., Kaloustian, G., & Zhu, J. (2015). The landscape of PreK-12 engineering online resources for teachers: Global trends. IJ STEM Ed International Journal of STEM Education, 2(1).